• Greyhound
  • Prefers home without dogsPrefers home without catsPrefers home without small kids
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Senior, Male, Not known
 . Styx (Courtesy Listing) .
 . Styx (Courtesy Listing) .  . Styx (Courtesy Listing) .
  • Italian Greyhound, Whippet
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without cats
Styx was an owner surrender and is currently 7 yrs old. We were told he is an Italian greyhound- but there are no papers and he currently weighs 24 lbs. He came into foster care with a severe facial skin infection. This was biopsied and then treated with steroids and antibiotics. He is still healing and is on a single protein (duck) diet in the event that this was caused by food allergies. Styx is great with other dogs . He is little timid at first around strangers but warms up quickly. He is crate trained , gentle and calm on a leash. Styx needs quiet home with secure physical fence - no invisible fence - or must be on leash at all times, like all Sighthounds. It's best that Styx be placed in a home without cats, or a home where the cats can be separated when Styx cannot be supervised. Please note that Styx is not at our organization. He is available through Dogs Unlimited. Please contact Liz at for more information,
Senior, Male, Small
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