Andy Panda’s Sagging Back End


Andy Panda has severe arthritis in his hips.  When Andy first came to us, we immediately noticed his sagging back end.  After a minute of so of standing upright, the photo above shows what happened.  We started him on high doses of glucosamine/chondroitin (750mg/600mg) twice a day along with a homeopathic pain killer, Traumeel, twice a day.  Mild exercise was also ordered to help him stay supple.  After a month, we are pleased to say that Andy’s back end isn’t so saggy anymore!  He’s still not able to stand for long periods, but he’s clearly more comfortable and can move about easier.  Yesterday morning, Andy was feeling so good that he was bouncing around the bedroom in play!  We are continuing to investigate what else can be done for his condition, but the initial treatment results are promising.

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