Bear’s Grain Free Now

WP_20131031_015 We do believe that what goes into a dog’s stomach makes a real difference in the quality of their lives.  We switched Bear to the new grain-free formula from ProPlan and we began to see a marked difference almost immediately.  Not only did Bear stop shedding excessively, the time between his seizures also lengthened and the side effects of his seizure medications lessened.  He’s always been a happy boy, but now he seems to be more settled, as if he is at peace with himself and his body.  Bear will most likely always have seizures.  Our goal is to give him the highest quality of life possible.  For him, it’s a balancing act … getting the right dosage of medications and the best nutrition for his system, keeping him on a strict medication schedule, along with lots of love, attention and soft bedding and blankets.  Bear gives us so much, it’s the least we can do for him.

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