“Bright Mind” Food Helps Stone’s Cognitive Decline


Stone will be 12 years old in June and recently started exhibiting some new symptoms.  He was withdrawing from us and the other dogs, sleeping more and getting a bit “growly” when another dog approached his space.  While some of this behavior can be explained by the pains he has from the stenosis in his back, we felt that he might also be losing some of his cognitive function as a result of aging.  We were so fortunate to be part of a trial for a new dog food made by Pro Plan, specifically formulated to counteract the effects of aging on the brain.  After about 3 weeks eating the Bright Mind formula, Stone started to interact more with us and started laying on the dog beds that were nearer to the other dogs.  He’s a little less sensitive about dogs coming into his space and he seems a little “brighter” and more alert.  Stone LOVES the taste, too!  His stools are firm and he has had no digestive issues since starting the formula.


For more information about Pro Plan Bright Mind Formula, check this out … http://bit.ly/1DsOP3Z




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