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Poor Spider

Spider 1

Spider is a sweet, well-mannered dog that has had his share of the unexpected.  When he came to us a year and a half ago, we quickly realized that he was having problems urinating and was having multiple accidents in the house, through no fault of his own.  We suspected that he had urethral spasms, but we needed to rule out other possibilities like infections, stones, blockages and abnormalities in his bladder.   Spider cheerfully tolerated a number of tests, catheterizations, x-ray and poking and prodding.  We tried every medication available – both traditional and homeopathic – to help him, yet nothing worked.  We were able to get him some relief through canine massotherapy and were fortunate that the massotherapist was willing to teach us how to massage him to loosen up his overly tight muscles.  After months of massotherapy and glucosamine supplements, the spasm subsided and Spider was able to urinate normally.  His adoption prospects, however, were not going well.  As soon as people learned that he had spasms, they passed him over.  Almost a year after Spider arrived, his tail suddenly developed bumps.  It looked as if he was stung or bitten by an insect and having an allergic reaction.  Yet, x-rays showed that part of his tail bone was dying.  Our only option was to amputate his tail.

Spider had about 5 months where he was doing well.  We were always reluctant to list him as a sanctuary dog, because we didn’t want to hurt his chances at adoption.  But, within the last month or so, Spider has developed some new symptoms of excessive thirst and his spasms are back, along with the need to urinate frequently.  We ran every possible test to check for infection, malfunctioning organs, diabetes, etc.  Everything came back normal.  Now, we are in the middle of testing for diabetes insipidus, using hormonal eye drops.

Spider, like all of our sanctuary dogs, has a permanent place in our program, if need be.

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An Eddie Munster Look-A-Like?


As Momma CoCo goes grey (or white in her case), she’s developing the unique “look” of Eddie Munster!

Roscoe’s Cataracts


Roscoe is almost blind.  He has no vision at all in his right eye and limited vision during daylight in his left.  Although we would love to provide him with new lenses, his advanced age, cancer, and newly developed kidney disease and high blood pressure prevent us from doing the surgery.  After some adjustments in diet, supplements and heart medications, we seem to be making strides in the right direction and have seen some improvement in Roscoe’s lab work and his overall well being.  More tests coming in the next few months, to make sure he continues to improve.

Uh Oh!!


It’s been over 2 1/2 years since Jilly Bean came to us.  She was in the Sanctuary for a full year as we treated her for her resistant strain of heartworms.  Once cleared, Jilly moved to the adoptable list, but, sadly, the right home hasn’t come along yet.  Jilly can be challenging at times.  She prefers to spend her days in her crate, chewing on her collection of nylabones and will shred any and all bedding to her liking.  Jilly can be aggressive with other dogs and needs her personal space.  She’s very shy with strangers and rarely comes out to meet visitors.  She’s happy with us, so perhaps she is meant to stay.  We will give her another month or two on the adoptable list and if her forever home never comes, she’ll stay with us and become a Sanctuary dog, once again.

Our 60 Pound Lap Dog!


As Momma Sissy ages, her back legs have become weaker and start to tremor a little as she gets tired at meet and greets. But, Momma Sissy doesn’t like to lay down, so we’ve taken to putting her up on our laps when she needs to rest.  It’s quite a spectacle and she’s found another way to draw folks to our table.


And, being a lap dog has it’s perks … she can nap comfortably!

Jilly Bean is 5 years old!


Happy Birthday, Miss Beans.  Jilly doesn’t like the camera and she isn’t fond of being groomed either.  Here’s a rare photo of her checking out the storage closet.

Happy Birthday, Mulberry!


Happy Birthday, Mulberry!  She is 8 years old now and still going strong.  Although it’s hard to tell from this photo, Mulberry’s face is very gray.  She’s had some problems with urinary tract infections over the past few months, as her body has become immune to the small doses of antibiotic that she was taking daily to ward off infections.  But, we seem to have her infections under control now, thanks to new medications, daily medicated wipes and Vetericyn spray.

Momma CoCo’s Leg


Momma CoCo’s “disability” isn’t really a disability at all.  We’ve come to the point where we hardly notice and she’s come to the point where nothing bothers her at all.  She can run and maneuver just as well as any other greyhound.  We happened to capture this photo when she was exploring the food storage closet (one of the favorite places of all the greyhounds here … HAHAHA).  This photo shows how her leg healed after her fall.

Has The Cancer Invaded The Bone?


Roscoe has been limping the last day or so and we’re worried that the cancer has invaded the bone.  Thankfully, radiographs show that the tumor is still confined to the soft tissues and he no longer is limping.  We suspect that he must have bumped himself one night and was a little sore.  He’s fine now!

RIP, Momma Pepper


Today was a horrible day.  We had to send Momma Pepper to the Rainbow Bridge.  She was 13 1/2 years old.  She was 6 months younger than our Momma Levity and passed exactly 6 months after Levity did.  Rest in Peace and Run Free, Momma Pepper.  Our hearts are aching.

Roscoe Resting


Here’s Roscoe doing what he loves to do … rest!  Although he is a greyhound mix, he’s still a greyhound … HAHAHA!