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Buttons, a Floppy Eared Greyhound Mix in Need of Rescue





























Near the end of October, we were contacted by someone familiar with the Coshocton County Animal Shelter about a greyhound mix in need of a place to go. This boy had been part of cruelty complaint and was living outside, tied to a box with inadequate food, water and shelter. He was taken from his owners and placed in the county shelter, but after 6 weeks with no one interested in adopting him, his chances were getting slim. Luckily, some wonderful volunteers were able to pull him from the shelter and provide a temporary foster home where he could be evaluated with other dogs. As soon as we learned that he was not aggressive with other dogs, we made arrangements to drive to Central Ohio to pick him up. He’s got some health issues, most related to the horrid conditions that he was living in, but we’re hopeful that he’ll be just fine in time. We can’t thank those volunteers enough for helping us bring Buttons to our sanctuary. As we write this blog, Buttons is starting to play with a couple of the retired racers! Life can be good sometimes!!!

Buttons is Growing Hair and Gaining Weight!

Buttons is eating like a horse! His bald spots are just about gone and his dry brittle coat is shedding out and being replaced by soft and shiny hair. He’s gained some weight and doing so much better. But the effects of his abuse and neglect are still evident at times in his behavior. He’s finding his courage, slowly.

Is that Me?


Buttons seems to like to hang out in the bathroom.  It’s actually the dog room where we prepare meals, supplements and medications; do grooming; and do one-on-one training.  It’s a place where Buttons can interact with each of us, alone and away from the other dogs.  It’s perhaps a special place for Buttons.  Here, he’s discovered the mirror and is mesmerized by his reflection.  He doesn’t always get along with other dogs or people and we wonder if he’s seeing flashbacks of the demons of his past abuse in that mirror.



This is a rare photo of Buttons outside where he’s not pacing, crying or jumping on the door in a crazed effort to get back in.  Buttons hates being outside, even when the weather is nice.  It’s understandable as he was tied to a box outdoors with little food, water or shelter for years.  When he has to relieve himself, he goes just as far at the covered deck, does his “business” as quickly as possible and comes right back in.  It doesn’t matter if we are outside with him, it doesn’t matter if the other dogs are outside with him.  He wants no part of outdoors.

A Troubled Soul


Buttons has been with us well over a year now and he’s still haunted by the demons of his former abuse.  We never really know what goes on in his mind.  He seems to suffer flash-back type episodes where he’s reliving some horror.  In those moments, he doesn’t recognize us and often lashes out.  We have been working with several professionals, in hopes of finding a cause and cure, but so far, nothing is working as we had hoped, and no medical cause can be found for his behavior.  We take things one day at a time with Buttons.

There is another message that we’d like to get across … abusing an animal can lead to long term, permanent emotional and psychological damage.  Rehabilitation doesn’t always work.  Damn those that abuse animals.

Good Bye, Buttons. RIP


This is one of the worst days of our lives.  We just can’t help Buttons overcome his demons and he is showing signs of brain damage. His quality of life has declined to the point where the most humane thing to do is to let him go.  Find peace, little one.  We miss you.