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We Miss You, Cindy Bear

It’s taken us a long time to be able to write this blog about our beloved Cindy Bear.  She was only with us 3 1/2 weeks, but she touched our hearts in so many ways.  Cindy Bear was a racing dog who became a brood momma when she retired.  She was 12 1/2 years old when we found her and we were so happy to be able to bring her into our sanctuary.  She was is such good shape for her age and all of her blood tests and physical exams revealed nothing but normal results. WP_20130417_010 Cindy Bear did have some very bad teeth, and she was having trouble eating at times.  After careful consideration, we felt that she would benefit from a dental and that removing the worst teeth would give her some comfort in her remaining years.  Our vet was extremely careful during the procedure, using the lightest and safest anesthesia possible.  Cindy Bear came through with flying colors and spent the night sleeping peacefully.  Unfortunately, she started having seizures the next day.  Four veterinarians, countless vet techs and two vet hospitals couldn’t save her.  She was not responding to any of the anti-seizure medications and her temperature continued to spike.  Every time we thought her condition was improving, she would get hit with another seizure.  We tried to stay positive and hoped that with all the life-saving medical technology and caring medical staff, that she would somehow come around.  But, by 9:30 pm, it was apparent that she had suffered irreversible brain damage and was no longer able to recognize us or function in any capacity.  We made the very painful decision to euthanize her.  Words cannot describe the horrible feelings we experienced throughout the day.  Her passing rocked our very core.

Cindy Bear’s ashes are here, with us.  We ask her everyday to guide us and help us do our very best for the dogs in our care.  She was such a wonderful mother to her pups, and a sweet gentle soul with very few demands.  She was a model greyhound, a true ambassador to her breed.  She was a friend with the thickest, furriest coat we’ve ever seen in a greyhound.  We love and miss you, Cindy Bear.  We are so sorry that you were with us only 3 1/2 weeks.  You will be in our hearts for a lifetime.