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Welcome Momma CoCo!

Momma CoCo

We want to extend a very warm welcome to our newest Sanctuary member, Momma CoCo.  She’s almost 8 years old and just weaned her third and last litter of puppies after an active racing career.  Momma CoCo broke her leg a few years ago, but it never did heal properly.  We are looking into the possibility of somehow fixing her leg or providing some mobility support.  Although she hobbles and hops, her spirit is not broken and she is serving as a wonderful role model, especially on the days that we have more than our share of aches and pains.

Happy 8th Birthday, Momma CoCo


Momma CoCo is 8 years old and doing fine.  She came into heat the day she arrived, so her spay surgery has been postponed.  We are doing her labwork and exams to make sure she’s healthy.  It’s hard to believe that she recently weaned a litter of pups!

Momma CoCo’s Leg

Rescue NEO Greyhound Cruisen Coco_CR_20151014_95334_1

Momma CoCo was spayed today and she came through with flying colors!  We were able to take some radiographs of her bad leg and were quite surprised when we saw the end results of the initial surgery to repair her leg that was performed 3 years ago.  Wires are wrapped around the break and it appears that a pin is missing or was removed some time ago.  We will be sending these radiographs to the Orthopedic Department at Ohio State Vet Hospital for their input.

Momma CoCo Loves to do Meet and Greets!


Even with a bad leg, Momma CoCo thrills the customers at area pet stores.  She’s so friendly and sweet and everyone just adores her.  But, beware … Momma CoCo is not safe around cats and bunnies, so that limits the places that we can take her.


Home from OSU!!


A very long drive and a very long day at the Orthopedic Department at OSU Vet Hospital, but Momma CoCo was treated like a queen the entire time!  Everything was set and waiting for her arrival (even a reserved parking space).  After doing an extensive history, Momma CoCo had a thorough physical exam and then a CAT scan and more radiographs.  A 3D model of the bones of her leg will be made and the surgeons will need some time to ponder the possibilities for her leg.

Momma CoCo would like to thank all the nice people that donated toward her medical expenses, especially one very generous donor in California that has a special place in her heart for seniors.

The Results are In …


After many weeks of studying the 3D models, the orthopedic surgeons at OSU felt that nothing more can be done for Momma CoCo’s leg.  There just isn’t enough bone to merit the risk of surgery and complications.  The good news is that her leg is otherwise healthy, not being traumatized, and not causing her any pain at this point.  Amputation isn’t needed as long as her leg remains as it is.  The surgeons were amazed at how well Momma CoCo can get around and believed that a cart or other assistive device would not be a positive change for her.  So, we will keep her happy and healthy and as active as she wants to be.  Look for her at some of our meet and greets … she’d love to see you!

Always on the Watch for People to Pet Her!


Momma CoCo has become a regular at meet and greets where we can set up away from the small animals.  She’s got a prey drive, but away from the distractions of bunnies and ferrets and such, she’s 100% focused on getting attention from folks of all ages.  She is a fantastic ambassador to her breed.  Nothing gets this girl down, despite her crippled front leg.  She’s become a role model for us all.

Momma CoCo’s Leg


Momma CoCo’s “disability” isn’t really a disability at all.  We’ve come to the point where we hardly notice and she’s come to the point where nothing bothers her at all.  She can run and maneuver just as well as any other greyhound.  We happened to capture this photo when she was exploring the food storage closet (one of the favorite places of all the greyhounds here … HAHAHA).  This photo shows how her leg healed after her fall.

An Eddie Munster Look-A-Like?


As Momma CoCo goes grey (or white in her case), she’s developing the unique “look” of Eddie Munster!