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Sweet Momma Levity


If you have been to any of our meet and greets, there’s a good chance you’ve met Momma Levity.  She’s 11 years old now and still full of life.  She absolutely loves to “work the crowd” with her smile and greets people – both big and little – with enthusiasm and joy.

We had a little scare recently when she developed a swelling near a mammary gland, but the biopsy showed it was just a cyst that did not need to be removed.  Whew!

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Momma’s Teeth


Momma Levity is in amazing shape for her age, except for her teeth.  She had quite a bit of tartar build-up when she came to us, and her gums have worn away in many spots.  Luckily, she was able to keep all her teeth after her fist dental, but over the months, some have become brittle and loose, and she’s lost three small ones so far.  Here she is, just getting home after her third loose tooth was pulled.  She was very brave!  Thankfully, Momma is very patient during her daily brushings and will let us get into those pockets created by the gum loss.  But, Momma has a sensitive stomach and eats a salmon-based food and no matter how much we brush, her breath always smells like fish.



Sassy Momma Levity


Momma Levity can be sweet, a little sassy, sometimes silly, sometimes sleepy and always a joy to be near.  With all her expressions, it’s easy to forget she’s a dog.  But when she comes in all muddy from digging a hole in the yard, her “doggy-ness” becomes apparent again.  She is quite photogenic and we’ve been able to capture many of her expressions.  Here she, sticking her tongue out at a meet and greet with her friend Boo Boo.

Momma Levity is Comfy


Sweet Momma Levity absolutely loves her crate.  She has quite a collection of blankets and pillows piled on top of her memory foam bedding.  She will nest and move the blankets so they are exactly to her liking.  If another dog happens to be laying in her crate and Momma wants to go in to take a nap, she will come up to us and huff and puff and grunt until we go over and “relocate” the other dog.  Then she will trot into her crate, plop herself down and wait for us to close the door.  She really prefers that we close the door.  Her crate is her sanctuary and we do everything we can to make this old girl happy.

Happy 12th Birthday, Momma Levity!!


You are 12 years old today and still looking sweet and spry!  We love you.

Here are some recent photos of Momma … she always make us smile!!



Momma Levity Likes to Work the Wineries


Being in the middle of wine country has its advantages.  We are often invited to bring the greyhounds out to various wineries for meet and greets.  Here, Momma Levity is soaking up some sun on her comfy blanket, listening to the mellow music in the background.

Poster “Dog”


We’ve recently updated our meet and greet banners and coordinated colors across all of our displays.  Here Momma Levity is posing as the poster “dog” during a meet and greet.

I Want You to Love Me!


Ah, yes, Momma Levity … You are very loved!

There’s Nothing Like a Good Bath!


Greyhounds tend to have dry skin and over bathing can make matters worse.  But, every once in a while, a good bath feels so good!  We prefer to use an oatmeal based shampoo made especially to match the pH of canines.  Weekly brushings help bring out the oils in the skin, and a good supplement, like Missing Link, with omega 3 and other nutrients will do wonders to keep a greyhound’s coat soft and shiny.


Happy 13th Birthday, Momma Levity


How old did you say I am now??????  Yikes!