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Just Because …


Momma Levity is one of the most photogenic dogs we’ve ever had.  Her many expressions and her cooperation in front of the camera allow us to capture the soul and spirit of greyhounds.

Healing Thoughts Needed For Momma Levity


During a routine bi-annual wellness exam, we discovered that Momma Levity’s urine protein levels are too high and her serum protein levels are too low.  We also discovered an infection in her urinary tract.  She’s on antibiotics now and will be retested in a week.  If the infection clears up and her protein levels are still off, then we’ll start her on a prescription diet and more medication.  Please keep her in your thoughts.

We Lost Momma Levity


Momma Levity suffered a spinal strike this morning.  It came on so fast and took her down so fast.  There was no hope.  Momma Levity was 13 1/2 years old.  She was our oldest senior and she lived up to her name every day … bringing lightness and joy to all those who met her.  Run free, sweet girl.