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Welcome Home, Momma Sissy


Momma Sissy recently retired from her life as a race dog and brood momma and she’s enjoying her new life as a Sanctuary dog.  She’s super sweet and will lean on us while we pet her.  She’s a big, long girl with a gentle presence and a soulful face.  Her eyes are often focused on everything and anything and she’s quite observant of her surroundings.  She’s also a champion sleeper and will lounge in comfort most of the day.  Momma Sissy stole our hearts the minute she walked in the door.  (And we can’t be sure, but we think our angels, Boo Boo and Andy Panda, sent Momma Sissy to us.)

Momma Sissy’s Dental


We are always nervous when a greyhound has to anesthetized, and we were doubly nervous when an older dog whose medical history we know little about has to go under for surgery or a dental. Momma Sissy had several rotting teeth and those needed to be extracted, so we really had no choice. Luckily, her lab work was perfect and she came out with flying colors. She’s pictured here, still a little groggy, but feeling fine. She’s healing fast and loves the canned food! Soon she’ll be eating like a horse!

Silly Momma Sissy


Greyhounds can be super silly, goofy and just downright adorable and Momma Sissy is a champion in this regard.  She gets herself into the craziest positions after she spends several minutes rooting around and rearranging the bedding in a crate or on the floor.  Here she is, after pulling several pillows and blankets out of Momma Levity’s crate and crashing on a dog bed.

On the Lookout for People to Pet Her


Momma Sissy loves to be petted.  She will often stand next to us and hang her head in our laps while we shower her with attention.  Here, she’s looking for people to come over to our table so she can stand next to them.



Many greyhounds seem to lean on humans and each other.  The power of touch, perhaps?

Peek A Boo!


That’s Momma Sissy peering underneath Benjamin.  Priceless!

Picture Perfect!


Momma Sissy looking into the wild blue yonder (well, actually, looking at a display at the pet store … hahaha!)  She’s quite a looker.  Not only is she gorgeous at 10 1/2 years of age, but she’s also know for staring off into space.  What does she see?  Perhaps she’s in touch with forces unknown to us.  Whatever the case, we love her dearly and life wouldn’t be the same without our Momma Sissy.

The Ultimate Meet and Greet Greyhound!


We have taken a lot of greyhounds to meet and greets, but Momma Sissy is one of the hardest workers we’ve ever had.  We ask very little of her and provide comfy bedding to rest on, but Momma Sissy seems to feel that she must be alert and ready for any and all visitors.  Here she is, checking to see that our table is on order.

Our 60 Pound Lap Dog!


As Momma Sissy ages, her back legs have become weaker and start to tremor a little as she gets tired at meet and greets. But, Momma Sissy doesn’t like to lay down, so we’ve taken to putting her up on our laps when she needs to rest.  It’s quite a spectacle and she’s found another way to draw folks to our table.


And, being a lap dog has it’s perks … she can nap comfortably!