What a Difference a Dental Makes!


Senior Andy Panda came to us with horrible, rotting teeth and bleeding gums.  He was in pain, could not eat and was feeling rather rotten himself.  Anesthesia, especially for an older greyhound, is always risky, and we ran an organ function panel and a CBC to help us assess his risk level.  By some miracle, his blood work was normal and his heart murmur was mild.  So, we made the decision to clean his teeth and extract the rotten ones.  Two of his premolars were just hanging on and actually fell out before the cleaning began.  Two others were extracted and all of his teeth were cleaned and polished.


Andy is doing much better now and is eating like a horse!  He’s gained some weight, is more active and has a better outlook on life.

Dental disease, even mild tartar buildup, can lead to lots of other health issues.  We have long advocated for daily brushing and good oral care.  Some greyhounds are prone to dental issues, even with good care, and end up needing surgery and extractions no matter how vigilant their owners are.  Many problems, however, can be avoided with a toothbrush and canine toothpaste or CET Oral Hygiene Gel.

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