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In the greyhound world, a black and white dog is often called a cowdog.  Many times, cowdogs have or develop little black “ticking” spots in the areas where they are white.  Stone has quite a few ticking marks and they have gotten more numerous and darker as he has aged.  Yet, at the same time, his big black spots have all turned gray and he is really a salt and pepper cowdog now.  But, a greyhound’s color really isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things.  It’s the sparkle – the spirit – that each dog has that is the key.  If you can let the sparkle touch your heart and your soul, you have received a special gift. Cherish it … forever.

Momma Levity is Comfy


Sweet Momma Levity absolutely loves her crate.  She has quite a collection of blankets and pillows piled on top of her memory foam bedding.  She will nest and move the blankets so they are exactly to her liking.  If another dog happens to be laying in her crate and Momma wants to go in to take a nap, she will come up to us and huff and puff and grunt until we go over and “relocate” the other dog.  Then she will trot into her crate, plop herself down and wait for us to close the door.  She really prefers that we close the door.  Her crate is her sanctuary and we do everything we can to make this old girl happy.

Bear is in a ball!


Bear is such a tall, lanky boy but he’s usually curled up into a tight ball, laying on one of the oval beds.  It’s hard to imagine where all those long legs go.  It’s also funny that he rarely uses the square or rectangular beds … perhaps he can’t quite figure out how to make himself into a square.  Oh well, we love watching Bear get into his “positions.”

Just a side note … He’s only had 1 mild seizure in the last 10 weeks!!

Picture Pretty


This little blue girl is starting to go gray!  She’s still a little spitfire at times, but she’s also a champion sleeper.  She still hates to be groomed and it takes two of us to trim her nails.  She still barks and barks and she’s yet to read the “How to Be a Greyhound” manual.  Ah, the blue ones are special.