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Bear Got Adopted!!!!!!!!


Yes, it’s true!  Our wonderful, loveable seizure dog, Bear, found his forever home with a fantastic family that has experience with seizure dogs.  He is doing very well and we are so happy for him!!  We would be lying if we said that we didn’t miss him, but he had such an attraction for his new family (and vice-versa) that we had to let him go to fulfill his destiny.  Luckily, his new family keeps us posted and sends photos frequently.  A win-win situation for everyone!

Poor Spider

Spider 1

Spider is a sweet, well-mannered dog that has had his share of the unexpected.  When he came to us a year and a half ago, we quickly realized that he was having problems urinating and was having multiple accidents in the house, through no fault of his own.  We suspected that he had urethral spasms, but we needed to rule out other possibilities like infections, stones, blockages and abnormalities in his bladder.   Spider cheerfully tolerated a number of tests, catheterizations, x-ray and poking and prodding.  We tried every medication available – both traditional and homeopathic – to help him, yet nothing worked.  We were able to get him some relief through canine massotherapy and were fortunate that the massotherapist was willing to teach us how to massage him to loosen up his overly tight muscles.  After months of massotherapy and glucosamine supplements, the spasm subsided and Spider was able to urinate normally.  His adoption prospects, however, were not going well.  As soon as people learned that he had spasms, they passed him over.  Almost a year after Spider arrived, his tail suddenly developed bumps.  It looked as if he was stung or bitten by an insect and having an allergic reaction.  Yet, x-rays showed that part of his tail bone was dying.  Our only option was to amputate his tail.

Spider had about 5 months where he was doing well.  We were always reluctant to list him as a sanctuary dog, because we didn’t want to hurt his chances at adoption.  But, within the last month or so, Spider has developed some new symptoms of excessive thirst and his spasms are back, along with the need to urinate frequently.  We ran every possible test to check for infection, malfunctioning organs, diabetes, etc.  Everything came back normal.  Now, we are in the middle of testing for diabetes insipidus, using hormonal eye drops.

Spider, like all of our sanctuary dogs, has a permanent place in our program, if need be.

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