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Happy 11th Birthday, Stone


Stone was 11 years old on June 11th, 2014!  Although he’s doing fine for his age, we are starting to see the effects of his age creeping up on him.  He’s getting slower, taking more time to get up and down and having a harder time controlling his bowel movements.  Those “accidental poops” tend to happen while he’s eating his breakfast in the morning.  It’s not his fault, of course, so he’s never scolded or corrected.  We have to be more vigilant in letting him out several times in the early morning hours.

Stone is a big, tall boy and we’ve found it vital to keep him slim and trim.  Extra pounds do nothing positive for him and put more pressure on his already arthritic joints.  Stone loves to sleep and he dreams almost nightly.  We often wonder what he’s dreaming about as he twitches and grunts during REM sleep.

We wish you many more dreams and birthdays with us, Stone!