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Poster “Dog”


We’ve recently updated our meet and greet banners and coordinated colors across all of our displays.  Here Momma Levity is posing as the poster “dog” during a meet and greet.

Welcome Home, Momma Pepper!


We are so fortunate to have Momma Pepper in our Senior Sanctuary Program! She’s a little over 11 1/2 years old and was a racer as well as a brood momma. She’s so sweet and cute and lovable. She’s been here only a couple of days, and she’s made herself at home. In this photo, she’s fresh from a bath and feeling fine. Her ears add to her character!

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Andy Wears Goggles!


Andy Panda is undergoing a course of laser therapy to hopefully reduce the inflammation and pain in his spine. He seems to love the warmth from the laser probe and stands very still while the vet or techs run the probe up and down his spine. We all have to wear goggles during the procedure and when we are all wearing goggles, Andy is by far, the most handsome one in the room!

Andy Panda goes for his first pain management session

Andy at Village Vet

After trying all the traditional pain medications for Andy’s back without much success, we decided to try some more non-traditional therapies. X-rays confirmed that Andy has a herniated disc in his lumbar region, and some arthritis. Today, Andy went to see Dr. Jo and received his first laser therapy treatment. We were given a warm welcome by everyone at the Village Vet Clinic and Andy enjoyed all the treats! He has two more laser treatment appointments scheduled and we’ll be starting him on some stretching exercises, too. We should know shortly if this course of therapy will give him some relief from the pain. Please keep your fingers crossed for him.