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Jilly Bean is Free from Heartworms, at Last!!!


It’s been a long year for Jilly Bean, but she’s finally free from those nasty heartworms.  Because she contracted a resistant strain, it took over a year and repeated treatments to get them all.  But, she’s doing well, is healthy, up to date on everything and ready for adoption!  She’d prefer a quiet home as she’s very sweet, but timid.  She’s okay with the other greyhounds here and tested small dog safe at the track.

Andy Panda Passed Away on Valentine’s Day

last photo

We miss you so much, Andy Panda.  You were with us for only 7 1/2 months but you quickly became a huge part of our lives.  You have made us better humans and we thank you.

Andy Panda … A Big Boy With a (too) Big Heart




















Andy’s been having a rough time these last couple of weeks.  His appetite dwindled and he hasn’t been drinking enough. His blood tests don’t really reveal any reason for his trouble, but his x-rays showed a terribly enlarged heart and possibly enlarged lymph nodes in his chest.  His urine pH is a little high and he’s got struvite crystals forming.  He’s taking antibiotics, cranberry supplements and Pepcid.  We tried appetite stimulants, but shortly after we added these, Andy Panda began having episodes of stumbling and shaking – a possible side effect, or symptoms of near syncope from his bad heart.  Everything is touch and go and we are living in the moment with him.  He seems to feel a little better after he receives his sub-q fluids and tolerates the procedure well.

Andy is again reminding us how precious life is.

Images of Mulberry


A Little Blue Girl in Black and White!