Archive for August 30, 2015

On the Lookout for People to Pet Her


Momma Sissy loves to be petted.  She will often stand next to us and hang her head in our laps while we shower her with attention.  Here, she’s looking for people to come over to our table so she can stand next to them.

Happy Birthday, Jilly Bean!


Happy, Happy 4th Birthday, Jilly Bean.  We had hoped that you would have found your forever home by now, but you are more than welcome to stay here for as long as you want.  We are touched by your quiet presence everyday and we love you as our own.

Happy Birthday, Mulberry!


Another year older and now, officially a senior!  Your blue is turning grey but you are still our little blue girl.

Is that Me?


Buttons seems to like to hang out in the bathroom.  It’s actually the dog room where we prepare meals, supplements and medications; do grooming; and do one-on-one training.  It’s a place where Buttons can interact with each of us, alone and away from the other dogs.  It’s perhaps a special place for Buttons.  Here, he’s discovered the mirror and is mesmerized by his reflection.  He doesn’t always get along with other dogs or people and we wonder if he’s seeing flashbacks of the demons of his past abuse in that mirror.