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Momma CoCo Loves to do Meet and Greets!


Even with a bad leg, Momma CoCo thrills the customers at area pet stores.  She’s so friendly and sweet and everyone just adores her.  But, beware … Momma CoCo is not safe around cats and bunnies, so that limits the places that we can take her.


Rest in Peace, Spider

Spider in oil

Today started out as any other day.  Spider had a good morning, enjoyed his breakfast and his after-breakfast nap.  He had been diagnosed with kidney disease about 4 months ago, but was doing well on his prescription food.  We had no idea what the rest of the morning would bring.

Spider always enjoyed sleeping in his crate and was the last one to get up after the breakfast naps.  When we went to wake him, we realized that all was not well.  He had passed away, peacefully, in his sleep.  It was most likely a heart attack.  He was the first to die at home.  He was the first to be cremated by the local funeral home.  True to form, Spider always led us to new experiences, even in death.

We miss you, Spider.  You were a favorite at the vet hospital and you always tried so hard to get people to like you.  Rest in Peace, sweet boy.  You will be with us always.


Momma CoCo’s Leg

Rescue NEO Greyhound Cruisen Coco_CR_20151014_95334_1

Momma CoCo was spayed today and she came through with flying colors!  We were able to take some radiographs of her bad leg and were quite surprised when we saw the end results of the initial surgery to repair her leg that was performed 3 years ago.  Wires are wrapped around the break and it appears that a pin is missing or was removed some time ago.  We will be sending these radiographs to the Orthopedic Department at Ohio State Vet Hospital for their input.



This is a rare photo of Buttons outside where he’s not pacing, crying or jumping on the door in a crazed effort to get back in.  Buttons hates being outside, even when the weather is nice.  It’s understandable as he was tied to a box outdoors with little food, water or shelter for years.  When he has to relieve himself, he goes just as far at the covered deck, does his “business” as quickly as possible and comes right back in.  It doesn’t matter if we are outside with him, it doesn’t matter if the other dogs are outside with him.  He wants no part of outdoors.



Many greyhounds seem to lean on humans and each other.  The power of touch, perhaps?

When You Have a Bad Back …


… Three beds can be better than one!