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The Blues


Blue racing greyhounds are quite rare.  Racing dogs are bred for speed and not confirmation or color.  Blues come about by inheriting recessive genes from both mother and father.  Unfortunately, this often leads to some “odd” health and/or behavioral issues.  Although not all blues are “odd” many are and seem to have more than their share of “oddness.”  Mulberry is no exception … incontinent, fussy, extremely LOUD, and not always so nice to the other dogs.  But, we love her just the same.

Home from OSU!!


A very long drive and a very long day at the Orthopedic Department at OSU Vet Hospital, but Momma CoCo was treated like a queen the entire time!  Everything was set and waiting for her arrival (even a reserved parking space).  After doing an extensive history, Momma CoCo had a thorough physical exam and then a CAT scan and more radiographs.  A 3D model of the bones of her leg will be made and the surgeons will need some time to ponder the possibilities for her leg.

Momma CoCo would like to thank all the nice people that donated toward her medical expenses, especially one very generous donor in California that has a special place in her heart for seniors.