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Happy 13th Birthday, Momma Pepper!

13 years old

Not only is Momma Pepper 13 years old today, she’s also a CANCER SURVIVOR!! She wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for all the wonderful people that helped us help her – through donations, fundraisers and providing her with expert medical care.


Welcome Home, Roscoe!

falling asleep 2

We were so excited when we learned that Roscoe was coming as a permanent member of our sanctuary.  He is at least 12, isn’t registered as a racer and is a bit heavier boned than the typical NGA race dog.  But, he quickly raced to our hearts!  Here he is – doing the couch potato routine.

Good Bye, Buttons. RIP


This is one of the worst days of our lives.  We just can’t help Buttons overcome his demons and he is showing signs of brain damage. His quality of life has declined to the point where the most humane thing to do is to let him go.  Find peace, little one.  We miss you.

We Lost Momma Levity


Momma Levity suffered a spinal strike this morning.  It came on so fast and took her down so fast.  There was no hope.  Momma Levity was 13 1/2 years old.  She was our oldest senior and she lived up to her name every day … bringing lightness and joy to all those who met her.  Run free, sweet girl.

The Little One Eats Like a Horse!


Mulberry is only about 54 pounds, soaking wet, but her appetite is great and she can eat like the big boys.  She’s pretty laid back during the day although she does sprints like crazy when she comes in from doing her potty duties.  It’s so funny to watch the little blue girl dart and hop like a jack rabbit.  Once she’s done, she takes a long nap.  Just like a greyhound!

A Troubled Soul


Buttons has been with us well over a year now and he’s still haunted by the demons of his former abuse.  We never really know what goes on in his mind.  He seems to suffer flash-back type episodes where he’s reliving some horror.  In those moments, he doesn’t recognize us and often lashes out.  We have been working with several professionals, in hopes of finding a cause and cure, but so far, nothing is working as we had hoped, and no medical cause can be found for his behavior.  We take things one day at a time with Buttons.

There is another message that we’d like to get across … abusing an animal can lead to long term, permanent emotional and psychological damage.  Rehabilitation doesn’t always work.  Damn those that abuse animals.