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The Ultimate Meet and Greet Greyhound!


We have taken a lot of greyhounds to meet and greets, but Momma Sissy is one of the hardest workers we’ve ever had.  We ask very little of her and provide comfy bedding to rest on, but Momma Sissy seems to feel that she must be alert and ready for any and all visitors.  Here she is, checking to see that our table is on order.

The Beginning of the End???


Old Man Stone has gotten so frail as of late.  He is completely deaf.  The stenosis in his back still responds to the steroid injections, but his bowel incontinence has gotten worse.  Now, his bi-annual wellness exam revealed that he’s in the early stages of protein losing nephropathy.  This kidney disease seems to be so common among old greyhounds.  Stone has started a low protein prescription diet that he likes and medication to control the high blood pressure that often accompanies this type of kidney disease.  We are hoping that Stone sees his 13th birthday in a couple of months.

It is so hard to watch them age and we can’t help to wonder how much more time they have left.  All we can do is give them all the love and medical attention that they deserve and monitor them constantly.

Roscoe’s Tumor


Roscoe came to us with a malignant spindle cell sarcoma.  It’s a soft tissue tumor that is locally invasive but often does not spread to vital organs like the lungs or liver.  These tumors can be caused by a number of factors, but exposure to toxins, like cleaning agents, second-hand smoke, and other chemicals seem to be some of the leading causes.  Surgical removal when the tumor is small is usually the first line of defense, but in Roscoe’s case, removal is not possible.  Fortunately, Roscoe is a good candidate for chemotherapy/hyperthermia treatments (the same treatments that Momma Pepper received for her thyroid tumor).  Roscoe started his treatments in March and the tumor is starting to shrink!!

Chemotherapy/Hyperthermia involves heating the tumor and injecting the chemotherapy drug, carboplatin into the tumor.  The heat not only drains the blood supply from the tumor, but also helps to concentrate the carboplatin to make it more effective.  Each round of treatment involves two consecutive days.  On the first day, Roscoe received both hyperthermia and carboplatin, and on the second day, just hyperthermia.  Two rounds of treatments, approximately one month apart are needed, initially.  The wonderful thing about this therapy is that there are little to no side effects and it’s very easy on a dog’s system.  Except for having to miss breakfast for two days in a row, Roscoe had no complaints at all and loved everyone at the oncology clinic!