A Senior Greyhound is a Work of Art


We were asked an interesting question recently… “What should I expect as my greyhounds get older?”  The first things that came to mind were the age-related changes that happen sooner or later.  Increased sleep, changes in day/night routines (some dogs become more nocturnal), the need to urinate more frequently, decreases in appetite, slight weight loss, changes in behavior and cognitive abilities, stiffer movements, sagging back ends, incontinence, cloudy eyes, gradual loss of night vision, lack-luster coat, loss of teeth, etc.  But, on another level we can answer by saying that senior greyhounds become works of art.  All of their experiences over the years blend and congeal to create a whole spirit.  Seniors are often more of what they were as younger dogs … confident, sassy, snuggly, silly, or anxious, afraid, grumpy, and spooky.  Personality traits seem to be more exaggerated during the senior years and sometimes, new personality traits emerge.

We don’t always know the experiences our seniors had as younger dogs, as they often come to us as middle-aged or older dogs. We can only guess as they share their lives with us.  We hope that their experiences in our sanctuary will be pleasant ones and will color their lives in a positive way.

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