Beagles and Mixes

We’ve been “owned by” Beagles and other hound mixed breeds long before we started our Greyhound adoption program and we’re delighted to be able to have these breeds once again in our Sanctuary. There are so, so many old Beagles that are in need of rescue. Those dumped by their hunters because they are too old to hunt, those who escaped from, or set free from puppy mills when they are no longer able to produce litters, those that were neglected and abused by people that don’t understand the scent hound breeds, and those whose previous owners came upon hard times, have made their way to our Sanctuary and will be cherished and loved and given the best medical care possible.

Sponsor a Beagle, for Just One Month or a Year, and Change that Dog’s Life!

Monthly Sponsorships and One-Time Donations allow us to do what we do for the Beagles in our care. If you could contribute to their upkeep, won’t you please consider making a tax-deductible donation?

A $10 donation will pay for parasite prevention for one hound for one month.

A $15 donation will pay for blood pressure medications for one month.

A $20 donation will pay for 1/6 of the bi-annual exam and lab tests for one hound.

A $25 donation will pay for food and treats for one hound for one month.

A $35 donation will pay for pain medications for one hound for one month.

A $75 donation will pay for Daisy’s heart medications for one month.

We can also use gift cards to pet stores.

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We will send personalized updates to all monthly sponsors. It will mean the world to us, and to these hounds that deserve the best!

Current Beagles and Mixes

Daisy Mae – Sponsors Needed
With a face so fine it melts everyone’s hearts, Daisy Mae is the sweetest of senior survivors. Believed to have been a puppy mill mama, aged between 10 and 12, she knew only hardship and cruelty, with a body that tells the “tail” and an indomitable spirit that takes your breath away.  Deaf, with tumors on her eyelids and mammary glands, a significant heart murmur, a significantly enlarged heart, a leaky mitral valve, and congestive heart failure, she also has a mass on her bladder wall, but thankfully, not the gene for bladder cancer. She’s now on medications to help with her heart and will have her heart functions tested regularly.
Soaking up love and attention like a sponge, she has an impish sparkle in her eyes and astounds us daily with her impeccable manners, unbridled enthusiasm and remarkable kindness. She especially enjoys car rides and, not surprisingly, she’s the perfect passenger, sitting snugly on her caretaker’s lap. And although she’s so small that she can barely see out the window, she rests her head on our arms as we drive through the country.
Crumble – Sponsors Needed
It’s hard to know where to begin Crumble’s story.  He was found as a stray in South Carolina and was severely underweight, suffering from what the shelter thought was heartworm, glaucoma, hypothyroidism, skin infections, cryptorchidism, and a urinary tract infection. 

Because of the kindness of a community of animal lovers, Crumble was able to hitch a ride to Ohio where we took him into our Sanctuary.  As soon as Crumble arrived, the veterinarians went to work to further diagnose and treat his health problems.  Crumble is thought to be at least 10 years of age, the vets found that Crumble was a victim of violence and was shot.  What was thought to be glaucoma is actually severe trauma to his left eye, which has left him with little to no vision and frequent infections.  Chest x-rays show that not only is Crumble’s heart enlarged, but he is filled with buckshot that has migrated to various parts of his body.

While he currently does not have a urinary tract infection, his liver is damaged and causes excessive thirst and incontinence. His initial test for heartworm may have been a false positive, but we will continue to test him at regular intervals to be absolutely sure.
Crumble does have a retained testicle and several rotting teeth, which will require more complicated surgery when he has gained more weight and is healthy enough to withstand the procedure. The vet is treating his liver, skin, and thyroid conditions while helping him to gain some much-needed pounds.  Crumble absolutely loves his little bed and we think that this may be the first time that he’s ever had a bed to rest on.  Despite all that this little dog has endured, Crumble has such a positive outlook and is so happy to be in the Sanctuary.  His tail wags constantly, his appetite is wonderful and he’s such an inspiration to us all.

While evil people have caused much of Crumble’s pain, it is only through the goodness of others that will help Crumble heal. 
Willie – Fully Sponsored for the Rest of His Life, THANK YOU!!!
A weathered and wise, bow-legged cowboy, Willie is an old man with severe, disfiguring arthritis with bumps and lumps and some irritated skin. But, his body doesn’t get him down and he’s sweet, funny and such a joy. He’s lost some teeth along the way, but his latest dental cleaned up his remaining ones and thankfully, he didn’t lose any more. Is skin is settling down and he’s shedding out his old, dry coat. We can see new, softer, shiny hair coming through.

Willie loves his chiropractic adjustments, his back massage and his stretching exercises. Although he will never regain his “pupish” figure, he’s in less pain now, thanks to physical therapy and pain medications.

A Good Samaritan wanted to adopt Willie when he first arrived at a shelter in South Carolina. After careful consideration, the Good Samaritan felt that Willie would not be able to get around well in her house and yard and the shelter contacted us to see if we could take him into our Sanctuary. We jumped at the chance to welcome this boy. Later, we learned that Willie’s Good Samaritan will also sponsor Willie for the rest of his life!!

Bertha – Sponsors Needed
This sweet girl was picked up as a stray and sat in a hot, humid animal shelter, struggling to breathe. No one came to claim her, and not a single person expressed interest in adopting her; she was too old, too obese, and had too many lumps and tumors. Bertha has extremely high blood pressure, arthritis, several broken teeth, mammary gland tumors, cysts on the back of her neck, and is extremely overweight. She should weigh about 17 pounds, but she weighs 35 pounds when she arrived at the Sanctuary.

Bertha is on a strict weight loss program and can’t have the surgery she needs to remove her tumors, cysts, and broken teeth until she is in better shape and her blood pressure comes down. She is also receiving chiropractic care to help with her mobility.

Bertha is a sweet as can be. She loves the other little Beagles at the sanctuary, and although she cannot run and play because of her weight, she does sit quietly and watch over the other dogs.
Duncan – Sponsors Needed
Duncan was most likely dumped by his owners and found as a stray by a kill shelter in Southern Ohio. He was given no medical attention at the overcrowded shelter. Duncan has active Lyme disease and it’s caused him to be hypothyroid, have liver issues and high blood protein. He’s completed his first round of medications and will need to be retested again in 6 months. He also has some rotting teeth that were extracted and had a rare parasitic worm that infested his sinus cavities and caused watery discharge from his eyes.

One of the kindest canines we’ve ever taken in, Duncan exudes sweetness in all he does. Although the Lyme disease and his bad teeth have taken their toll on Duncan’s body, he doesn’t let this get him down. He loves attention, loves to be held and loves to be petted. Duncan is also wonderful with the other dogs at the Sanctuary and has many canine friends. Duncan’s soulful eyes and his willingness to learn new things are what makes this boy special. His charming ways just pull people in and they can’t but smile when he’s around.
Jenny – Sponsors Needed for Food and Medical Care.
Sponsored for Chew Toys, Thank You!!
The best we can tell, Jenny is a Basenji mix and still a pup. She came from an abusive situation and was rescued by a Good Samaritan. Unfortunately, allergies prevented the Good Samaritan from keep her and that’s when we took over her care. Jenny is an active, sweet hound with lots of skeletons in her closet. She’s fearful of most people, tentative in new situations and has high anxiety. We are working through her past and trying to get her as comfortable as possible in her present. Slow, baby steps seem to be the key to her desensitization.

Basenjis are an African Sighthound breed, known for their ability to jump. In some African languages, Basenji means “dog jumping up and down.” We don’t know what else is mixed in with Jenny’s genes, but we do know that she’s a champion jumper and her strong, developed muscles are a result.

The Angels

  • Buttons was a mixed breed hunting dog who was severely abused in his past life and was never able to fully overcome the physical and mental effects of that abuse. We did everything we could to bring him peace and in the end, his symptoms became unbearable for him. We miss him dearly and wish that his abusers could know just how badly their actions toward him were.
  • Roscoe, a senior greyhound mix, came to us with a spindle cell sarcoma on his right elbow that was malignant. He also had cataracts and was completely blind in his right eye and losing vision quickly in his left. His back was plagued with spondylosis, an age related wearing of the discs in his back. He developed a heart murmur, high blood pressure, and was in the early stages of kidney disease. Roscoe was a trooper through all of the chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and other treatments he was receiving from both our regular vet and a board certified internal medicine and oncology specialist. He took his twice daily handful of pills and supplements without complaint. But, Roscoe’s old body was failing, he was in pain and his tumor was overtaking his leg. It was time to let him fly free. Roscoe touched many hearts and he is dearly missed.
  • Andy Panda was only with us for a little over 7 months, but he had a huge impact on us. He was our first greyhound mix, the first we were able to pull from a county shelter, the first to help us learn about laser therapy and other types of treatments for the chronically ill. He taught us much about hospice care. We never really knew how old he was but we knew he was very old. We never knew anything about his background, where he was born, whether he ever took part in the field trials in the rural areas of Ohio, or whether he was ever loved in his former life. But, we were so fortunate that he spent his last days with us.