Blind Truman Eyes

Blind Truman has the most interesting eyes.  Because of his Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), his pupils never constrict.  He has very little vision, so he needs to let in as much light as possible, and always has that “wide-eyed” look about him.  His eyes look deep blue and sometimes bright green, if they catch the glare of a light bulb.  This is a rare photo of him blinking… LOL.

An interested fact about PRA … It tends to hit most dog breeds in midlife.  But, in greyhounds, PRA asserts itself very early, usually around the dog’s first birthday.  Truman came into our Sanctuary when he was just 2, and had already lost most of his vision by then.  Night vision goes first, and after some months/years, total blindness follows.  But Truman is a trooper and doesn’t let his handicap get him down!

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