Archive for Greyhounds that Have Touched our Lives

Good Bye, Buttons. RIP


This is one of the worst days of our lives.  We just can’t help Buttons overcome his demons and he is showing signs of brain damage. His quality of life has declined to the point where the most humane thing to do is to let him go.  Find peace, little one.  We miss you.

We Lost Momma Levity


Momma Levity suffered a spinal strike this morning.  It came on so fast and took her down so fast.  There was no hope.  Momma Levity was 13 1/2 years old.  She was our oldest senior and she lived up to her name every day … bringing lightness and joy to all those who met her.  Run free, sweet girl.

The Little One Eats Like a Horse!


Mulberry is only about 54 pounds, soaking wet, but her appetite is great and she can eat like the big boys.  She’s pretty laid back during the day although she does sprints like crazy when she comes in from doing her potty duties.  It’s so funny to watch the little blue girl dart and hop like a jack rabbit.  Once she’s done, she takes a long nap.  Just like a greyhound!

A Troubled Soul


Buttons has been with us well over a year now and he’s still haunted by the demons of his former abuse.  We never really know what goes on in his mind.  He seems to suffer flash-back type episodes where he’s reliving some horror.  In those moments, he doesn’t recognize us and often lashes out.  We have been working with several professionals, in hopes of finding a cause and cure, but so far, nothing is working as we had hoped, and no medical cause can be found for his behavior.  We take things one day at a time with Buttons.

There is another message that we’d like to get across … abusing an animal can lead to long term, permanent emotional and psychological damage.  Rehabilitation doesn’t always work.  Damn those that abuse animals.

Peek A Boo!


That’s Momma Sissy peering underneath Benjamin.  Priceless!

As Long as He is Still Eating …


At 12 1/2, Stone is showing his age.  He had a dental a few months ago and had a hard time coming out of the anesthesia.  We knew that this would be his last.  He developed a lump on his neck recently and luckily, it appears to be a benign blood vessel tumor with no real threat.  But, everyday, we wonder just how much longer Stone has.  It’s inevitable when you have super senior dogs and you see them aging by the day.  But, as long as he is still eating …

Momma Pepper’s Cancer is in Remission!

momma pepper

After two rounds of hyperthermia/chemotherapy, Momma Pepper’s thyroid tumor has shrunk and hasn’t been growing!  These results are fantastic for an aggressive tumor like this.  We can’t thank North Coast Vet Specialists enough for the wonderful care that Momma Pepper has received.  And, it’s no surprise that she’s become a favorite at their hospital!

Momma Pepper would like to thank all the kind people that donated money or participated in fundraisers for her care.

Healing Thoughts Needed For Momma Levity


During a routine bi-annual wellness exam, we discovered that Momma Levity’s urine protein levels are too high and her serum protein levels are too low.  We also discovered an infection in her urinary tract.  She’s on antibiotics now and will be retested in a week.  If the infection clears up and her protein levels are still off, then we’ll start her on a prescription diet and more medication.  Please keep her in your thoughts.

The Results are In …


After many weeks of studying the 3D models, the orthopedic surgeons at OSU felt that nothing more can be done for Momma CoCo’s leg.  There just isn’t enough bone to merit the risk of surgery and complications.  The good news is that her leg is otherwise healthy, not being traumatized, and not causing her any pain at this point.  Amputation isn’t needed as long as her leg remains as it is.  The surgeons were amazed at how well Momma CoCo can get around and believed that a cart or other assistive device would not be a positive change for her.  So, we will keep her happy and healthy and as active as she wants to be.  Look for her at some of our meet and greets … she’d love to see you!

The Blues


Blue racing greyhounds are quite rare.  Racing dogs are bred for speed and not confirmation or color.  Blues come about by inheriting recessive genes from both mother and father.  Unfortunately, this often leads to some “odd” health and/or behavioral issues.  Although not all blues are “odd” many are and seem to have more than their share of “oddness.”  Mulberry is no exception … incontinent, fussy, extremely LOUD, and not always so nice to the other dogs.  But, we love her just the same.