Retired racing greyhounds have long been in our hearts and souls. We’ve always taken in the ones that were hard to adopt and these dogs have been a been a huge part of our lives. Below are the current Sanctuary greyhounds, listed from oldest to youngest. Those that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge are featured on The Angels page.

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The Current Hound Pack

Momma Lena – Sponsors Needed
Momma Lena came to us when she was 8 1/2 years old, after her racing and breeding career was over. We had every intention of adopting her out, as she was healthy and oh, so sweet. We nicknamed her “Little Butterball” because she was petite but a bit overweight and loved her treats. After many, many months on our adoptable list, and with no potential homes lined up that were right for her, we realized that Momma Lena was meant to stay. Her very high prey drive makes it difficult to bring her to most pet store meet and greets, as she’s quite reactive to small dogs, cats, and pocket pets. But, she’s such a hard worker at events where no little animals are present and she touches everyone with her charm and charisma.

Now, at almost 14 years of age, Momma Lena is our constant companion, always at our side, ready for snuggles and affection. Lena started to experience pain in her hind end and shoulder and is currently undergoing chiropractic treatments along with essential oils and pain medications. Her heart is now enlarged and her kidneys are showing signs of decline. Lots of medications and supplements are keeping her as comfortable as can be.
Mulberry – All Medications Sponsored, THANK YOU!!
Thirteen-year-old Mulberry has been with us for over 11 years, and because of a spinal defect that rendered her unable to control her bowels and bladder, and prone to chronic urinary tract infections. Because of her chronic incontinence, she wears diapers at all times. This sweet and plucky miss doesn’t even seem to mind, and we’ve settled into a routine that seems as normal to us as dealing with a dog without this issue. We use human adult incontinence pads to line her panties (we have to sew them ourselves because commercial panties don’t fit her) and we buy cases of pads at a time. Mulberry has taught us that “poop happens”, but what matters is how you deal with it. In her golden years, Mulberry developed high blood pressure and kidney disease, but medications are controlling her conditions.

Due to her condition, this amiable and affectionate dog will spend the rest of her life with us in the safety and comfort of the Sanctuary.
Momma Razzle – Sponsors Needed
Her gentle amber eyes speak volumes as Momma Razz gazes round her dazzling world. At 10 years of age, this sweet and shapely senior weaned her fourth litter of puppies, and has been enjoying the perks of retirement for the last 3 years.

Kindness and wisdom, friendliness and affection define her unique personality, and despite being quite lame due to arthritis in her right wrist and a large corn on her right paw pad, she’s endowed with a spirit that’s younger than springtime. Calm, quiet and patient, she has a penchant for chewing on Nylabones and cuddling up in blankets, while a slight, polite whimper is her signal to potty! She’s both a hearty eater and a good sport when downing the various medications designed to ease her pain and improve her quality of life, and she’s as enamored of her people as they are of her. Razzle recently developed a cancerous lump on her leg. It was removed and she’s been doing well. Now 13 years of age, Razzle’s heart is enlarged and her kidneys are showing some signs of decline. But, she still a bit of a goofball and, in so many ways, this old lady is a survivor!
Ruby – Sponsors Needed
When we learned that Ruby’s medical situation was dire due to her severely rotting teeth, we knew that we had to do everything in our power to bring her into our Sanctuary. The putrid smell from her mouth was alarming and our vet was standing by to examine her before we even got her home. Thankfully, she survived the surgery and more!

Raring to go only ten days after serious dental surgery, resilient Ruby was grinning at everyone as she played the part of lapdog at her first meet and greet! The tenderhearted 12-year-old who was both a racer and a momma to several litters of puppies, may have lost all her teeth but thanks to the tasty smoothness of her canned food, has begun filling out her resplendent ruby red form. The elegant epitome of a “velcro” dog, she attaches herself to our sides, follows us everywhere we go with a perpetually wagging tail, and absolutely adores snuggling.

Ruby recently developed a tumor on her front leg, but with medications, the tumor has resolved itself. At her last bi-annual exam, we learned that her heart was a bit enlarged, and we’ve started medications for that.
Firefly – Sponsors Needed
Radiant in rainbow hues, caramel-colored Firefly is as sweet as her coat and lights up any place she puts her paws. The 10-year-old retired racer and brood momma, broke her right rear leg five years ago, causing a good deal of tendon damage, and never properly healing. Fortunately, the bone is stable for the moment, but the leg itself remains fragile. Given the secure nature of the Sanctuary, we can minimize the risk of her re-injuring that leg and facing its possible amputation. Here she benefits greatly from the non-slip rubber flooring inside and out, low incline ramps and orthopedic bedding, while she receives joint supplements, continual monitoring and regular vet check ups.

Firefly’s age is catching up with her and she’s recently developed kidney disease and is recovering from a mysterious case of malabsorption that caused her to rapidly lose weight, despite her increasing appetite.

In spite of her impediments, Firefly is managing well, with a liveliness of spirit that’s truly inspirational. Friendly and outgoing, she thrives on the attention wherever she goes.
Joey – Sponsors Needed
Sweet, sensitive Joey has a story of neglect to tell. After retiring from racing at the ripe old age of 5 1/2, gentle Joey found that life’s path didn’t always lead to a fairytale ending. Luckily for the dark brindle beauty and for us, he’s found his happy ending here, as a cherished member of the Sanctuary, where he’s receiving all the TLC and medical care he’ll ever need. At 10 years old, this deeply spiritual soul, so uncannily aware of everything around him, warms our hearts and touches our own souls each and every day. Sadly, Joey was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Cushing’s Disease. His medications and treatments are managing the disease, but they are affecting his appetite. Keeping weight on Joey is a challenge and we’ve found that mixing high quality canned food in with his kibble helps. We don’t know how much more quality time we will have with Joey, but we will continue to spoil him till the end.
Jilly Bean – Sponsors Needed
Jilly came to us with a resistant strain of heartworm in April of 2014. After a year of treatments, we finally were able to rid her of these horrible parasites. Jilly was our first heartworm positive dog and we learned so much from her. Her medical condition was challenging, but so was finding her the right forever home. Jilly is very shy and very particular about who she will approach and interact with. She also has a bit of a temper around other dogs, so that limited her possibilities quite a bit. After being on the adoptable list for over two years, we felt it best to keep Jilly in our Sanctuary and make her a permanent member of the pack. “Miss Beans” as she is affectionately called, is thriving here. We love her and she loves us, and that is really all that matters.

After almost seven years, and some special “happy pills” Jilly Beans is starting to show off her playful side, every once in a while. She’s a beauty, inside and out.
Benjamin – Sponsors Needed
Fabulous in fawn, bright, beaming Benjamin, once a highly successful therapy dog, adores the attention of everyone he meets and is a cheerful chaser of squirrels.
He also helps the new arrivals adjust to their new lives and patiently prepares them for life in the Sanctuary. Turning 9 in November, the sweet-natured softy was recently found to have a high-grade heart murmur, a prolapsed mitral valve, and an enlargement on the right side of his heart. He’s now officially joined the Sanctuary since he needs frequent blood pressure checks as well as close monitoring for any signs of congestive heart failure. Then there’s the bulging disc in his neck that sometimes flares up, causing nerve pain in his front legs. Whenever he feels well enough, we take him for a ride, ensuring he remains calm, doesn’t injure his neck, and simply basks in the attention he loves.
Tommyknocker – Sponsors Needed
Gentle eyes bright, mouth open in welcome, 8-year-old Tommyknocker is as famous for his ticking (white coat with brindle patches and small brown and black spots) as he is for his kookiness! Coming into our care in the spring of 2017, we quickly discovered that he’s incontinent, and despite various tests and numerous treatments, a belly band coupled with a thick pad works best, and he sports it at all times like the good sport he is. Oddly attracted to anything cloth and easily fixated by something he sees – be it a toy or a ball, a scarf or a piece of paper – he’ll gamely attempt to steal it. Not only that, but he stomps on his toys with unbridled gusto, determination and delight. Medications, the severity of his condition, coupled with the frequent changing of his soiled pads make traveling in the car difficult and adopting him virtually impossible at this point. But, on the bright side, and for tender Tommyknocker there is a bright side because he LOVES his food, treats and Nylabones, LOVES his crate, and best of all, he LOVES his solitude.
Tommyknocker recently developed a grade 4 heart murmur. Thankfully his echocardiogram showed that his heart is still functioning well and his check-ups with the cardiology vet show that he’s stable at this time.
Sandy – Sponsors Needed
Sweet and softhearted Sandy soaks up love and attention like a “greyt” thirsty sponge. Warmly welcomed here when her owners could no longer care for her and left her alone for too many hours a day, she gives new meaning to the term “velcro dog”, following us wherever we go and watching intently while the food bowls and medications are prepared for her newfound, four-legged friends. Quiet and charming, she enjoys playing with the other dogs, is especially fond of Snowball, likes chewing on Nylabones, and has finally found her place on our bed! Due to the excess weight on her fine-boned frame, she gets winded very easily, is now dieting and exercising. Seven-year-old Sandy’s not fond of thunderstorms, and needs to snuggle with her human caretakers.
MacKenzie – Sponsors Needed
With her white coat, tan and brindle markings, and warm, dark eyes, 7-year-old MacKenzie was born to love and be loved. Having entered our care physically and emotionally scarred, this young retired racer needed time to decide where her future lay: in an adoptive home or here with us, as a permanent member of our Sanctuary. And so we allowed her that time. While still wary and watchful and most secure inside her crate, where she can easily nap the day away, she’s happiest now when attached, like doggy velcro, to a human hip. As for nighttime, this cuddliest of couch potatoes either sleeps beside us or on top of us. In fact, we often wake up with all 65 pounds of her draped across our bodies or two of her paws in our faces! Often fussy when she’s out and about, whether it’s shifting into reverse or standing still, once she’s settled on “her” spot and grown comfortable, she simply oozes charm. Just as she knows which spot is hers, she’s let us know, in more ways than we can count, that where she wants to be is precisely where she is. Forever safe, forever loved, within the protective circle of our Sanctuary family. Welcome home, MacKenzie.