As the availability of retired racing greyhounds dwindles with track closures, we set our sights on rescuing other breeds of special needs hounds. The plight of the Podenco is forever on our minds and we knew that we could help dogs from Spain. We brought over three Spanish Podencos to date, but the two oldest hounds have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Snowball – Sponsors Needed
Capturing center stage and collecting hearts wherever she goes, sweet, speckle-nosed Snowball is the most endearing of beauties. Curious and bright, she loves exploring her environment, playing with balls and squeaky toys and gleefully running “zoomies”. Born in November 2018 as part of a litter to a mother who had been abused and dumped in the mountains of Spain, she’s safe now and forever in our care, and seems happily oblivious to the fact that she’s deaf. She’s extremely affectionate and has learned to navigate her soundless world through hand signs and the vibrations from floor stomping and fence rattling. When she first arrived, she had severe urinary problems that were related to her slow development.

As she grew, we realized that she was 6-8 months behind in meeting her developmental milestones. But, now an adult, she’s caught up and sprouted her full fuzzy Podenco coat and mane, typical of the Podenco Campanero breed. She still seems to be on “Spanish Time,” preferring to sleep during the day and play at night. Snowball lets nothing – even discomfort – keep her from exuberantly celebrating her life every day.

Helping Snowball Through Monthly Sponsorships and One-Time Donations

Monthly Sponsorships and One-Time Donations allow us to do what we do for Snowball. If you could contribute to her upkeep, won’t you please consider making a tax-deductible donation?

A $10 donation will pay for parasite prevention for one month.

A $20 donation will pay for 1/6 of Snowball’s bi-annual vet exams and lab work.

A $50 donation will pay for food and treats for one month.

We can also use gift cards from pet stores.

We have a Wish List for Chewy.com. https://www.chewy.com/g/ne-ohio-greyhound-rescue_b64273155

Monthly Sponsorships are easy to set up via our DONATION button on the right side of this page, and through the auto-ship function on Chewy.com.

We will send personalized updates to all monthly sponsors. It will mean the world to us, and to Snowball!

The Podenco Angels

  • Bria Podenco was our second senior Podenco from Spain. She was a tiny tot compared to the retired racers but there was nothing tiny about her strength, wherewithal and determination. Bria was the champion hole diggers and kept an almost constant lookout for squirrels and toads. She protected us from vermin, but we were powerless to protect her from the horrors of bone cancer. Her passing left us empty and raw. We miss her every day.
  • Eva was our first, our oldest and our wisest. She was horribly abused and her past was never far from her present. Her body was a testament to her previous life and her emotions were shaped by her abuse. We understood her quirks and her reactiveness. She cheated death once while in Spain, but she couldn’t live forever. Rest easy now, Eva.