The Hound House

Our Senior and Special Needs Sanctuary For Greyhounds, Poedencos, Beagles and Mixes

It began simply enough – with a dream.

After operating our greyhound adoption program for 10 years, our dream was to create a sanctuary for the special needs and senior hounds in our care. Those hounds who, in all likelihood, would never be adopted because of their advanced age or their extreme medical or behavioral issues.

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Why a Sanctuary? Because seniors and special needs dogs have always held our hearts in their paws. Because we learned early that they gave more to us than we could ever give back to them. Because they taught us about patience, kindness, and unconditional love. Because they taught us about grace and courage in the face of injury and illness, aging and agony. Because they taught us that no obstacle is insurmountable with applied effort and attitude adjustment, knowledge, insight and creativity.

In 2013, our dream came true. Thanks to retirement and savings accounts, a large, custom-designed home was built in the calm and seclusion of the countryside to accommodate both humans and dogs. Some of the unique features of the Sanctuary include non-slip rubber flooring (this is easy on the joints, waterproof, and warm during the winter), non-toxic paint and cleaning supplies, oversized bathing facilities, a reverse osmosis water purifier for the dogs’ water, orthopedic beds, blankets and pillows, few steps and ramps, and vast open spaces for freedom of movement.

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Someone is with the dogs almost all day, every day, to tend to their varying needs. Most of them require extensive and costly veterinary care, including medications, and special diets, and the unadoptable dogs will spend the rest of their lives with us, in comfort and security, receiving all the love and attention they deserve.

Please read the stories of our Sanctuary dogs – Greyhounds, Podencos, Beagles and Mixes – on their dedicated pages. If you could contribute to their care, please consider making a donation in any amount. They, and we, would be most grateful.


 *** Special Thanks going out to Nomi Berger, who was instrumental in helping us put together a sponsorship program and writing the text and biographies on this website.