The Cat House

One of most influential writers in history, Charles Dickens once said, “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

Whether adoring or aloof, bewildering or beguiling, capricious or cuddly, felines hold our hearts firmly in their paws. Even the most traumatized — physically or psychologically – kitty has the ability, with proper treatment, tender nurturing and time, to heal and grow into the most loyal and cherished companion.

And so, with this in mind, we created the Cat House, a safe haven for abandoned, abused and ailing kittens and cats. Happily at home in their own dedicated space within the Sanctuary, they receive the same level of medical care and purr-sonal attention as the dogs and horses and are now an integral part of our own fur-ever animal Sanctuary family.

Help a Cat with Monthly Sponsorships or One-Time Donations

Monthly Sponsorships and One-Time Donations allow us to do what we do for the cats in our care. If you could contribute to their upkeep, won’t you please consider making a tax-deductible donation? We’ve been fortunate to have a sponsorship for cat litter and cat treats.

A $5 donation will buy cat toys.

A $20 donation will pay for 1/6 of the bi-annual exam for one cat.

A $35 donation will pay for a bag of cat food

We can also use gift cards to pet stores.

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Monthly Sponsorships are easy to set up via our DONATION button on the right side of this page, and through the auto-ship function on

We will send personalized updates to all monthly sponsors. It will mean the world to us, and to the cats that deserve the best!

Current Cat House Residents

Spudnuts – Sponsored for Litter and Treats, THANK YOU!!
As sweet as the donut after which she was named, 9-pound Spudnuts captures the hearts of everyone she meets. Clearly someone’s pet at one time, she entered our care suffering from severe dental disease which necessitated the removal of many of her teeth. Tender and tame and ever so loving, she meows gently, purrs softly, loves catnip and treats and solicits attention by stretching out her paw. An extremely well mannered miss, she uses her litter box neatly, comes when called and adores her special bed — a converted stack of baskets with a covered top for perching. Now nicknamed “Squirt” in honor of our late, beloved little Beagle, she saved us as much as we saved her, reinforcing our belief that animals find a way to be where they’re supposed to be. From now on, she’ll have her blood glucose levels monitored, and like our other Sanctuary residents, she’ll receive regular veterinary care including biannual wellness exams, lab work and any other special care she may need.
Vanilla Bean and Sweet Pea – Sponsored for Litter and Treats, THANK YOU!!
Meet two meow-velous miracle kittens! Having entered our care at a fragile 8 weeks of age, Sweet Pea and Vanilla Bean weighed less than half of what they should have weighed, were infested with fleas and worms, and had upper respiratory infections. Thankfully, however, they both tested negative for FeLV, FIV and heartworms. Paw step by paw step, they not only fought their way to health and gained weight, they discovered the joys of playing and climbing and started honing their kitty cat skills. Of the two bonded sisters, Vanilla Bean is more forward and confident, tenderly acting as Sweet Pea’s protector and teacher. They are each other’s mirror images and best fur-ever friends, sharing their food, sleeping snuggled up together, growing into small cats with big personalities and huge hearts brimming with love. They thrive on affection, adore being held and caressed while they purr in pure bliss, and fill our own hearts to overflowing as they continue to thrive.