The Triplets

Yes, they are greyhounds. But the Triplets need a page of their own! Truman, Tootie and Taffy came to us within a 2 month span. They are littermates and never raced. Truman was the first to arrive at our Sanctuary and once we learned that his sisters also needed a place to go, we scooped them up, too. A few years later, we found a fourth littermate, Nicky, that had just retired from racing. He wasn’t a special needs hound so we found him a wonderful forever home near us.

Monthly Sponsorships and One-Time Donations Help the Triplets!

Monthly Sponsorships and One-Time Donations allow us to do what we do for the Triplets in our care. If you could contribute to their upkeep, won’t you please consider making a tax-deductible donation?

A $10 donation will pay for parasite prevention for one hound for one month.

A $15 donation will pay for Truman’s and Tootie’s blood pressure medications for one month.

A $20 donation will pay for 1/6 of the bi-annual exam and lab tests for one hound.

A $45 donation will pay for Taffy’s eye medications for one month.

A $50 donation will pay for food and treats for one hound for one month.

A $55 will pay for Tootie’s kidney medications for one month.

We can also use gift cards to pet stores.

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Truman – Sponsors Needed
Little Truman came into our Sanctuary in early August of 2017 at 22 months of age. Already showing signs of advanced Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), we knew that this boy needed to be in special care and took him into the Sanctuary as quickly as we could. What we didn’t know, at first, was that Truman also had sky high blood pressure. In his first 6 weeks at the Sanctuary, he saw 3 different veterinarians – his general practice vet, the ophthalmology vet, and the cardiology vet.

There isn’t much we can do to reverse the effects of PRA, as it’s a genetic disorder. It hits most dog breeds in mid-age, but for greyhounds, it appears sometime around the age of one. PRA destroys the retina and night vision is the first to be lost, with total blindness coming within a year or two. There are some highly potent (and expensive) antioxidant supplements that may stave off the vision loss for a little while, and Truman is tolerating those supplements well.

Truman’s hypertension is more of a mystery. All traditional causes of high blood pressure in greyhounds have been ruled out but without his medications, his blood pressure was well into the high 200s. After six weeks of repeated testing, adjusting dosages and adding additional medications, Truman had his first normal reading since his arrival at the Sanctuary! And, these medications are keeping his blood pressure well controlled.

Interestingly, while hypertension can cause blindness, it’s not a cause of PRA and these two abnormalities are not related. Little Truman is truly a special guy, as sweet as can be, a true Velcro dog and wonderful companion. He’s found his courage to explore, to love and to be loved. Everyday brings smiles as Truman adjusts to his handicap and thrives. He is truly an inspiration to us all.
Tootie – Sponsors Needed
One look into her luminous eyes and you are in love! Toot-toot-Tootie, with her golden gaze and beautiful brindle coat, may be small in size at 51 pounds but her effect on us is large. Sweeter than sweet, extremely friendly, affectionate and funny, with a “ROOOOOO” that’s the envy of littermates Truman and Taffy, this 6 year old is one happy honey who never stops wiggling and whose long tail never stops wagging. She’s also happy to lend her voice to her siblings’ for a rousing “ROOO” chorus at the drop of the proverbial hat. Blessed with a hearty appetite, she loves feasting on canned food and treats, likes chewing on Nylabones, and isn’t shy about letting us know when she’s hungry. Like Truman, she suffers from hypertension which, thankfully, is now being controlled with medications and close, consistent monitoring with our newly purchased and highly sensitive blood pressure monitor.

Tootie has recently developed kidney disease and is on medications to slow it’s progression. So far, so good!

Taffy – Sponsors Needed
Sweet as the candy, Taffy is the most outgoing of the Triplets and is the strong one that holds the group together. Originally, not a special needs hound, we saw immediately how sister Tootie depended on Taffy for her support and comfort and we knew we could never separate them.

Now, Taffy has developed her own health problems and suffers from an auto-immune disease of her eyes, called Pannus. Thankfully, eye drops have been able to put her in remission. She has flares at times, and we increase her medications to get the Pannus back under control.

Taffy definitely has her own needs for human companionship, as you can see from the photos. She’s a sweet, sticky hound, for sure.
  • Taffy is always our constant companion, especially when her human caretakers aren’t feeling well.